I treat individuals with anxiety, depression, sexual compulsion, relationship problems, work and career stress. I work with heterosexuals, gay men and lesbians, and adults of all ages.I also work with couples.Many of my clients are in recovery from substance abuse; psychotherapy is an important complement to their participation in 12-Step programs.  Prior to establishing my private practice I worked for many years in addiction treatment and mental health settings. I  also have an expertise in treating the emotional and psychological problems of gay men: sexual compulsion; coming out issues; gay men in heterosexual marriages; dealing with internalized homophobia; making the transition from casual sex to emotional intimacy.My fee is $150 for an a 45 minute individual session  and $200 for a couples session which is one hour.  I will provide an insurance statement so that you can receive out-of-network reimbursement from your health insurance.  If you are a student or do not have health insurance we can discuss a lower fee.
My Practice and Areas of Expertise
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The common goal of any therapy is to no longer be in therapy: to be able to take the tools and insights you acquire in treatment and apply them in your life.